Boxis - SMS Gateway and Internet Services for Magento from Switzerland

Boxis & Final SMS Pro
The Mobile Messaging Solution for Your Magento Store!

Just $379,-
  • Be Closest to Your Customers
    Update your customers about their orders, shipments, etc. and send them promotions or holiday greeting. Straight to their mobile.
    Finally your messages get read - Within minutes!
  • Mobile Validation/Verification
    The configurable mobile number/registration validation & verification assures that you've a valid contact of your customer by sending a validation/verification code to the mobile.
  • Integrates With Any Extension
    Final SMS Pro for Magento can send SMS' from any extension that sends transactional Emails.
  • Finally Smart
    Final SMS Pro is finally a smart SMS solution for Magento - If the customer should enter a number without international prefix, Final SMS Pro will automatically extend it by the prefix configured in the backend and also display a country prefix selector.
  • Just on Time - Always
    You've multiple websites for several regions in the world and thereby time zones? Don't worry about them - Final SMS Pro knows. 8 o'clock will be 8 o'clock, whatever time zone.
  • Clean & Magento Compliant
    Follows Magento coding standards and uses as few rewrites as possible.
  • The Most Advanced Solution
    Final SMS Pro is simply the most advanced SMS solution for Magento on the market.

Boxis not only provides worldwide coverage for sending SMS in nearly 800 mobile networks in over 200 countries, Boxis also provides reliable hosting solutions. At a later stage, these will also include special Magento hosting packages.

SMS Coverage: Global

Features Supported by Boxis
Bullet CheckedSender ID
Setting own sender ID.
-Free Choice Sender ID
Don't need registration of sender ID prior to usage.
Bullet CheckedExtended GSM Characters
Extended GSM characters (€ { } \ [ ~ ] | ^).
Bullet CheckedConcatenated (Long)
Joining multiple SMS's of 153 characters each to e.g. one 612 characters message.
Bullet CheckedUnicode
Unicode messages, e.g. for languages like Arabic, Chinese, Japanese (Limit for Unicode message is 70 characters).
Bullet CheckedConcatenated (Long) Unicode
Joining multiple Unicode SMS's of 67 characters each to e.g. one 268 characters message.
Bullet CheckedDelivery Reports
Detailed reporting of delivery status to mobile.

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