Magento Support for Text Marketer SMS Gateway UK

Apr 6, 2012

Support for more gateways is coming fast now. When we release version 1.3 of Final SMS Pro early next week, it'll feature out of the box support for the SMS gateway of Text Marketer, our latest gateway partner from the UK.

Their features are fully supported, incl. delivery reports, which inform you in the log if the SMS actually got received by the mobile.

Every account comes with a free reply number and keyword on their short code 88802 (UK only). The latter you can use to receive replies by SMS, even if you send you SMS' using a nicer sender ID instead of a reply number. But in both cases, you receive the replies via eMail.

Use our partner link to sign up and you'll receive 100 free credits.

We're very pleased with the current development, new features are constantly added, gateway support gets broader and we've very few bugs to fix, so more time to focus on features and gateway integrations.

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