Final SMS Pro 1.4.0 for Magento with Reception Times and Follow Up Email Support

Jan 7, 2013

Final SMS Pro is now available in version 1.4.0 with the following new features:

Reception Times and Choice of Messages
Now your customers can choose at what times they'll receive SMSes. E.G. preventing receiving SMSes in the middle of the night.

Final SMS Pro will use the default timezone of the store the customer registered with. Additionally the customer can also set this manually for his account, incl. reception times and the SMSes he want to receive.

Character Substitution
For the Polish and Turkish languages you can now choose to substitute characters which're not part of the GSM character set and would require Unicode (70 characters per SMS). Using substitution, you can use 160 characters per SMS and e.G. for Polish the characters ą Ą ę Ę ó Ó ś Ś ł Ł ż Ż ź Ź ć Ć ń Ń will be converted to a A e E o O s S l L z Z z Z c C n N.

Support for aheadWorks Follow Up Email
As aheadWork's Follow Up Email bypasses Magento's transactional messages system to queue messages for later sending, we needed to implement special support for it.

Predefined SMS Messages
If you setup a new template, Final SMS Pro now loads a ready to use template for the SMS (English and German).

If you're a new customer, you can get Final SMS Pro in the store.

As always, our customers already received this update via email.

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