Final SMS Pro 1.3.5 for Magento now with Auto Integration

May 22, 2012

Final SMS Pro is now available in version 1.3.5, featuring following new features:

Full Auto Integration - No modifications on templates are needed, Final SMS Pro now automatically integrates smoothly into the front- and backend. Common checkout extensions like GoMage LightCheckout or Apptha One Step Checkout are also supported by the auto integration.

Support for older Magento Versions - For customers who still run older versions of Magento, we implemented support for Magento down to version 1.4.

More Gateways Out of the Box - SMS API (Poland) and Jawal SMS (Saudi Arabia).

As always, our customers already received this update via email today.

Partner | Boxis - SMS Gateway and Internet Services for Magento from Switzerland
Partner | TeleSign Mobile - Global SMS Gateway for Magento from UK
Partner | SMS Gateway Poland and Magento
Partner | RoutoMessaging - Global SMS Gateway for Magento from UK
Partner | Blast SMS - Global SMS Gateway for Magento from Hong Kong and Australia
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